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Eternal Maiko
Eternal Maiko

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PostSubject: IMPORTANT: Rules   IMPORTANT: Rules Icon_minitimeSun May 06, 2012 6:24 pm

For the proper functioning of the forum, please follow the rules. We want to have a friendly, welcoming atmosphere here, a place where people come together to share and enjoy their kimono passion.

General Rules

- Do not disrespect, insult or threat other members
- Do not act as a "I-Know-all-and-will-step-over-everybody"
- Do not create flaming; personal issues should be taken to PMs.
- Do not post illegal, offensive, violent, sexist or racist contents.
- Keep your signature clean; the smaller the better
- Do not use any different letter font, or color, than the standart one. No one is special here, we are all the same.
- Try not to correct everyone's kitsuke skills; you can give good advices of course,but please don't act obcessed with it. No one likes to be pressured.
- Any sensitive theme(such as Geisha and Maiko) should be discussed politely. No drama will be tolerated.
- Do not spam
- Do not double-post
- Try to keep on topic. We have a section where you can discuss everything.
- Bullying other members is forbidden. Offensive comments or PMs should always be reported. We want our members safety and well being.
- Do not use sms writing(example: "Do u luv that kimono 2?"). This is a worldwide community, and not every member will understand english sms writing.
- Don't speak any other language in this forum but English.
- You can only have one forum account.

Important Note: Eternal Maiko Forum it's not responsible for members' conduct outside the forum, nor would we carry the burden of dramas created. Our name and community should not be called out to such situations. What the members do outside the forum is their responsability only.

IMPORTANT: Rules 910

Contest & Prize Rules and Guidelines

Every now and then, Eternal Maiko will have contests, which ones will be of course related to kimono!
most of this contests will happen online as they will be mostly worldwide, and everyone will be able to compete directly on the specific thread. There are some points that I would like everyone to follow:

- Please respect the other participants
- You can only participate within the mentioned date. Your participation will not be accepted sooner than the time specified or later.
- You can only participate one time per contest
- You cannot participate in behalf of another person; You can however invite people to join and participate
- You can suggest a contest in the Suggestions Section, with the title "Contest Suggestion - Enter the name of your contest here", if you have a good idea for a contest and it was not made yet.
- The photos submited to the contest must be owned by you, or/and you must have permission from the photographer who took them.
- The only person featured in the photos submitted must be you, and you only.
- The photos must not be over-edited; like very bright whites and exagerated colors.
- If you're a winner of a contest, you'll not be able to decline your prize just because you don't like it; this attitude will be considerated rude and you might be able to participate in other contests, but you will be restricted, which means you will not be considered to win. I can re-gift your prize to other participant if you don't want it.
- All of the prizes offered in the contests are kimono-Japan-geisha related, and all of them are carefully chosen. We will be deeply offended if you sell, destroy(cutting into pieces), or throw it away.  If I discover that you did any of this 3 things to your prize - which it's good to remember that was once bought or made by someone - you will be banned from any future contests or even from the forum.
- There will be some contests with secret prizes. You can't ask what it is until it arrives at your door. That's why they're secret!
- The prize will be sent to your real name and address only. Eternal Maiko will not reveal your name or address in any way, your prize will be arranged and sent with the most confidence, as well as your personal info.
- Shipping charges are responsability of Eternal Maiko only.
- Have fun!


I totally want to avoid to have those kind of forums where "if you do this or do that you will be banned or receive warns!", like I've seen in several other communities around the globe, and in no way my forum will be like that. The worst that can happen in my opinion is when you feel intimidated by the admin or the moderators, I never liked it as member in other places and I surely won't like it as Admin here. Please do your small part as member, following the rules and be polite to others.

We hope this rules are enough and everyone follow each one of them. If we feel the need of adding new rules, everyone will be notified.

Thank you for the understanding,

~ Eternal Maiko

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