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 TV, Manga, Books and Movies, oh my!

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TV, Manga, Books and Movies, oh my! Empty
PostSubject: TV, Manga, Books and Movies, oh my!   TV, Manga, Books and Movies, oh my! Icon_minitimeThu May 10, 2012 10:44 pm

I can think of quite a few examples of Tayuu, Yujo, Oiran and plain "women of ill repute" that have featured in modern mass media.

Here are some examples: Please add your own! Discuss, debate, read, watch, laugh and enjoy!

Sakuran -- originally a Manga, or illustrated novel from Japan, this was made into a live-action TV series, I believe, as well as featuring in at least one Music Video for a famous singer in Japan.
Samurai Champloo -- an Anime (or Japanese Cartoon animation) series that follows a pair of men and a young lady as they search for a man through ancient japan. One episode has them spending the night in the red-light district!
Bakumatsu Kikansetsu Irohanihoheto -- an anime about a theater troupe in Edo times, at one point in the series, they watch a Oiran Parade go by!
Peacemaker Kurogane -- Another amazing Anime which has an oiran in it.
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TV, Manga, Books and Movies, oh my!
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