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 Words and meanings

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PostSubject: Words and meanings   Words and meanings Icon_minitimeSun May 06, 2012 10:18 pm

I will leave here some of the most basic words you need to know about the kimono world.
if you want to see other words added here, you can simply create a new topic in this section with them, and I will be adding all here.


Kitsuke: Way of putting kimono.
Kimono: Traditional japanese cloth. The word literally means "something to wear".
Obi: It means "belt". It's the piece that holds the kimono in place, and one of the most important ones.
Furisode: It means "long sleeves". It's a kimono for girls and unmarried women.
Tomesode: It means "short sleeves". It's a kimono for married women only.
Irotomesode: It's a colorful tomesode.
Kurotomesode: It's the most formal tomesode.
Houmongi: It means "visit ensemble". It's a kimono worn for visits.
Tsukesage: It's less formal than the houmongi, and it has very clear colors.
Iromuji: Kimono of only one color, with no motives.
Komon: It's one of the most informal kimono, with repeated patterns.
yukata: Summer robe, used only for summer and hot springs.
Haori: Short jacket to wear with kimono.
Michiyuki: Rain coat to wear with kimono.
Hikizuri or Susohiki: It's a kimono for dance, with a long train. It is usually worn by Maiko, Geiko and other traditional artists. In the past it was worn by noble women, being one of the most elegant kimono.
Uchikake: Cerimonial jacket for japanese marriage.
kakeshita: A kind of completly white furisode to wear inside the Uchikake, for japanese marriage.

Kimono Acessories

Hadajuban: Kimono underwear. It looks like a shirt.
Susoyoke: Kind of underskirt to put with the Hadajuban.
Nagajuban: The main underwear for kimono. It is used over the Hadajuban and Susoyoke. It has a white collar that remains visible in the kimono.
Tabi: Traditional japanese socks, mostly white, which have a separation in the middle.
Kohaze: Sole that the most formal Tabi have.
Obimakura: The pillow that helps you make the several ties(musubi) on the obi.
Obiita: A slightly hard panel that keeps your obi from being wrinkled.
Koshihimo: A tie that holds the juban, kimono or obi in place. In a kitsuke, three or more can be used. *the magical tie!*
Korin belt: Small belt that is used to prevent the collar of the kimono's Juban from being loose or slide.
Erishin: Panel of thin plastic that is placed inside the collar of Juban, to give a beautiful, straight shape.
Datejime or Magic Belt: Small belt that is placed above the koshihimo to stabilize and smooth.
Obiage: Long cloth, usually from silk, used to cover the Obimakura and decorate the obi.
Obijime: Rope that holds all the obi, and prevents the musubi from falling apart. It is also used for decoration of the obi.
Obidome: kind of ornated buckle that fits into obijime in order to adorn the obi.


Zori: A kind of elaborated slipper to wear with formal kimono.
Geta: Wood clogs to use with casual kimono.
Okobo or Pokkuri: High wood clogs used by maiko.
Komachi Geta: Clogs of luck.
Koma Geta: Very high wood clogs that were used by Oiran.

World of Geisha

Okiya: House where the maiko and geisha live.
Ochaya: Tea House.
Shikomi: Means "In training." It is the maid of okiya, the first stage of a geisha.
Minarai: Means "Apprentice Observer." is the second stage of a girl before becoming a maiko.
Maiko: Means "child of the dance." It is the apprentice geisha.
Geiko: Means "person of the arts". better known as geisha.
Jikata Geiko: Geisha dedicated only to musical instruments like the shamisen.
Katsura: Wig used by geishas.
Momoware: Hairstyle worn by maiko.
Sensu: Japanese fan.
Oiran or Tayuu: Japanese Courtesan. Ancestor of the geisha.

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Words and meanings
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