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 RULES and Guidelines of this section

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PostSubject: RULES and Guidelines of this section   RULES and Guidelines of this section Icon_minitimeMon Dec 10, 2012 11:56 pm

The International Kimono Auctions(also known as IKA), started first as a Facebook group, to give a chance for all kimono enthusiasts to make advertising for free of their stores, or even to sell a particular item there, and thus creating a friendly place so everyone could buy, sell, trade, or even make auctions of their items, without having to pay any fees like anyone has to do when using websites for sell such as Ebay, Etsy, or other.

This is the original page:
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I decided that, now that we have a forum, to bring IKA here too, so possibly it can reach more people in need to sell their itens, buy a particular piece, or even just to let their store being known by our members. For this to happen in a safety and friendly way, everyone must follow the following rules:

- Do not disrespect other people
- Do not start fights with other members
- Do not discuss prices. Every seller has the right to sell their items for the price they wish, as you have the right to buy them or not. If you want to make an offer, take it to private messages.
- Post only kimono-related itens
- Describe your items accurately
- Don't cheat in any way
- Do not post crazy descriptions of your item(Example: MAIKO HIKIZURI FURISODE WEDDING BRIDE KIMONO)
- Repeated posts about the same item are forbidden
- You are allowed to bump your thread only one time per week (bumping a thread means making continuous posts so your thread is always on top of the list so it can be seen. Your bumps must be a post titled "Bump this to the top")
- Do not PM every single member in the forum imposing your items for sell. Sellers that do this should be reported to me, and they will be banned.
- Be honest always. That will bring you more buyers and sucessful sales in the future.


* About Selling *
You can create a thread with the name of your store. You can post there images of the itens you have, their descriptions, and you can interact there with potential buyers. If you prefer, you can have a thread where only you can post and interested buyers will contact you by PM. To have that thread, you must request me or a mod first.

* About Trading *
You can set a trade if you wish. You must open a thread with the title "-Trade- your description here", and then post images and description of the item you want to trade, and what do you like to trade it for. You must aknowledge first of the safety methods you can use for making the trade. That can be by some service of your post office or other. However, we encourage you to trade only with people you know.

* About Buying *
If you came here mostly to buy, you can take a look in the several stores of our members. If you find something that you like, please be sure to work things out with the seller and use Paypal always to pay, as it is the safest method online. You can also post a thread with something that you would like to buy but don't find, as there can be anyone that might have what you're looking for. You must then create a thread with the title "Looking to Buy - enter your description here", and specificate what is the item you're looking for. You can also show images of a similar item.

* About Auctions *
You can also create your own auctions here. You must create a thread with the title "- Auction - your description here", with images, description of the item and the starting price. Inside the description, you must also state how many days will it last. You must also state when it beggins and when it ends, Making a post saying "Auction began", and then in the end "Auction ended". After you post "Auction ended", the thread will be locked so no one can bid more.  After that, seller and winning bidder must arrange things by PM. Some guidelines about Auctions on IKA:

- Auctions can have a duration of 3 days, 5 days or 7 days
- The starting price, beginning of the auction and end of the auction must ALWAYS be stated
- After a seller declare "Auction ended", the thread will be locked
- Any bidder that places a bid after the auction ends will have they bid removed and a warn
- If an auction begins for $1, the first bidder should bid $1.50, the second bidder should bid $2.00, and so on.
- Avoid placing a bid for the same amount that a previous user did. This can result in a warn.
- The posts of the bidders must only contain the price they are bidding and no comments
- A bidder that is not serious and will not pay, will be banned from IKA and will be unable to bid again in any auction
- Bidders on IKA will not remain anonymous of course, and potential bidders should acknowledge that before bidding. It is also forbidden to make several forum accounts to ensure you remain anonymous, as it is against the forum rules.
- Harassment between bidders it's totally forbidden. People getting caught harassing others will be banned not only from IKA, but from the forum itself.

Please keep everything polite and friendly. EM forum is giving you a chance to escape from fees of store websites. Keep that in mind, as I will not hesitate to close IKA if I encounter many problems running around here.

Last but not least, Eternal Maiko forum and IKA will not take any responsability in this sellings. Every transaction is the responsability of both buyer and seller only. IKA is only providing a place, and an easy way for everyone to buy/sell/trade/auctioning, and will not solve any problems related to item not received, payment not made or other. Everything between users must be taken and solved by PM. Please aknowledge this before participating on IKA.
Thank you,

~ Eternal Maiko

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RULES and Guidelines of this section
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