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 Mega List of DIY Nihongami

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Mega List of DIY Nihongami  Empty
PostSubject: Mega List of DIY Nihongami    Mega List of DIY Nihongami  Icon_minitimeSun Jan 20, 2013 11:16 pm

Mega List of DIY Nihongami  58343_640

1.Osafune Worn by the Maiko of Kyoto,Tayuu and Samurai’s wives.

2.Katahajishi The hairstyle of a noble married woman, Samurai’s wife and palace maid

3.Kushimaki A popular hairstyle in the hanamachi of the Edo

4.Sakkou A hairstyle worn by newly married women Senior Maiko wear this in for their erikae. The maiko of Anjo wear this too

5.Kaimage A popular hairstyle in the hanamachi of Edo

6.Shinoji/Shimada-kuzushi worn by maids in the house of the shogun/daimyo

7.Ichogaeshi/Shinjocho - The ichogaeshi is from the Meiji era worn by women of various ages. The most notable wearers were Samurai’s unmarried daughters, Geisha and Yujo.

8.Tatehyougo/Karawa A hairstyle reminiscent of the woman of Muromachi era. Yujo and low class married women wore this style.

9.Marumage A variation of the Katsuyama both terms are used interchangeably. worn by fashionable married women and yujo

10. Mitsuwage was most often worn by an unmarried mistress who was unable to wear Katsuyama or Marumage

11.Yokohyoko The style of an Oiran. It's a variation of the Ichogaeshi.

12.Yuiwata youthful forms of wearing a shimada, most often worn by unmarried girls and hangyuko

13.Takashimada variation of the Shimadamage for Brides and Geisha.

14.Tsubushishimada A shimada that has been crushed from above. Geisha &Yujo wear this style

15.Umemodoki/Osome This style is worn by maiko for setsubun, Yujo also wear this style.

16.Sagegami worn by the wife of a shogun or a princess Oira also wear this style on there debuts

How too:

Take the base of almost any Japanese nihongami and just leave a ponytail in stead of styling it.

Osafune & Katahajishi

Ichogaeshi & Shinjocho

This is the same as the above just biger. Yuo made nead to get a hair pice because of the size.


Tsubushishimada, Umemodoki & Osome


This video is a good base but you nead to make just one big bun on top for it to athentic.


Gibson Girl a.k.a.Meiji Sokuhatsu
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Mega List of DIY Nihongami  Empty
PostSubject: Re: Mega List of DIY Nihongami    Mega List of DIY Nihongami  Icon_minitimeWed Jan 23, 2013 9:09 pm

Geiko This is a great list Star Thanks Dr B Sun
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Mega List of DIY Nihongami
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