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 Books Review: The Japanese Mind by Robert C. Christopher

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PostSubject: Books Review: The Japanese Mind by Robert C. Christopher   Wed Jan 23, 2013 8:49 am

Title: The Japanese Mind

By: Robert C. Christopher

Softcover:352 pages

Publisher: Ballantine Books, 1983


Comments: This is a wonderful book! This is a must read for any one with a serious interest in Japan. I strongly recommend that anyone beginning there journey into Japaneses research of any kind start with this book.

It is the best book on understanding the Japaneses cultural thought process. It puts Dr. Liza Dalby's geisha experience into perspective and will give you a better understanding on how vary rare and unheard of such acceptance is for outsiders. I also feel this will give you better insight when dealing with Japaneses business contacts. You will gain a wealth of understanding about Japanese customs, mindset and attitudes. Mr. Christopher clearly covers every aspect of the Japaneses culture and national character. This single volume is in my opinion the most concise and valuable asset we have in understanding the the closed group that is the Japaneses people.
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Books Review: The Japanese Mind by Robert C. Christopher
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