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 Kimono Contest #3 - Freestyle

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PostSubject: Kimono Contest #3 - Freestyle   Kimono Contest #3 - Freestyle Icon_minitimeMon Jan 13, 2014 11:24 pm

Before to very long, we would like to thank everyone that liked our page, and supported our project, and also to those who participated in our first two contests. We will introduce some new things soon, so keep an eye on us!
For now, it begins our 3rd kimono contest.

August is a month where most of us are on vacations or have more free time, it is hot and in Japan there are several festivals going on.
So this time, we are having a Freestyle Kimono Contest, where you choose the kitsuke you want to present us. It can be any style kitsuke, with your personal touch!


The winner of the Freestyle contest is Karine from France!

Kimono Contest #3 - Freestyle 1229961_445773648871026_1656691425_n

Congratulations to her! such a mysterious and elegant kitsuke.

Also, we would like to present the Best Kitsukes of this Month:

Kimono Contest #3 - Freestyle 1175147_445771632204561_143137304_n

Aino from Iceland

Kimono Contest #3 - Freestyle 1236482_445772092204515_1289613401_n

Jackie from USA

Kimono Contest #3 - Freestyle 1234106_445772532204471_817055395_n

Rikku from France

Kimono Contest #3 - Freestyle 533255_445772848871106_141197350_n

Youandi from Netherlands

Kimono Contest #3 - Freestyle 1185213_445773158871075_356348711_n

Stephani from USA

Thank you everyone for your participation.  Cake

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Kimono Contest #3 - Freestyle
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