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 Kimono Contest #4 - Autumn/Halloween

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Kimono Contest #4 - Autumn/Halloween Empty
PostSubject: Kimono Contest #4 - Autumn/Halloween   Kimono Contest #4 - Autumn/Halloween Icon_minitimeMon Jan 13, 2014 11:33 pm

Kobanwa, minna-san!

October is there,
and it's the perfect time to wear kimono without sweating. Autumn has amazing colors, the fall of the leaves and a gentle breeze that invite us to try new kitsukes.

This month, we invite you to try not just one theme, but two! Since October is also a month of Halloween, you can send us your kitsuke photo both for the autumn, and the halloween day!
You are free to participate in both themes or just choose one of them. Surprise us!


So this month, we have not just one, but two winners.

The winners of the Autumn/Halloween contest are: Mae and her friend Astrid from Germany!

Kimono Contest #4 - Autumn/Halloween 1395261_475415475906843_1153803945_n

Congratulations both!

We would also like to announce the Best Kitsukes of this month:

Kimono Contest #4 - Autumn/Halloween 994980_475413749240349_1612399793_n

Michelle from USA

Kimono Contest #4 - Autumn/Halloween 1000353_475412455907145_1799185113_n

Jackie from USA

Kimono Contest #4 - Autumn/Halloween 1461011_475414729240251_1588415672_n

Karine from France

Thank you all!  Ghost 

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Kimono Contest #4 - Autumn/Halloween
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