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 Kimono Contest #5 - Nostalgia

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Kimono Contest #5 - Nostalgia Empty
PostSubject: Kimono Contest #5 - Nostalgia   Kimono Contest #5 - Nostalgia Icon_minitimeMon Jan 13, 2014 11:43 pm

This time of the year, when we are closer to the winter and christmas time, we often feel nostalgic. The sound of the rain, or the whisper of the snow falling, the stillness of the street bellow and the steam of our cup of tea leads us to the imagination of something magic in the air.

This month, our contest theme will be Nostalgia.
Go to your closet, or tansu, and bring out that kimono that has a special feeling to you, the one that brings you a lot of memories.
It can be any kimono, but it has to mean something deep for you.


The winner of the Nostalgia contest is Youandi from Netherlands!

Kimono Contest #5 - Nostalgia 1425568_487908911324166_1720944545_n

Congratulations! the photo truly transmits the essence of the contest.

We also want to present the Best Kitsukes of this month:

Kimono Contest #5 - Nostalgia 1479509_487908341324223_1545841491_n

Michelle from USA


Kimono Contest #5 - Nostalgia 1452513_487908094657581_1651992437_n

Meredith from USA

Thank you all for let us know about your kimono feelings.  Star

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Kimono Contest #5 - Nostalgia
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