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 Following Maiko and Geiko Online

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PostSubject: Following Maiko and Geiko Online   Following Maiko and Geiko Online Icon_minitimeThu May 22, 2014 10:50 pm

Here are three of the most amazing blogs that I follow.  One is a professional photographer named John Paul Foster, he is incredibly dedicated to his craft, and respectful of the maiko and geiko he photographs.  He even has a book!

John Paul Foster Photography

Here is the blog (updated 5-10 times a month) of the okaasan of a Miyagawacho okiya.  My japanese isn't good enough to translate, but the candid photos of her maiko are adorable.  She also has a thing for Japanese style garden gnomes...


Lastly, I think this is a blog put out by one of the more avid maiko-stalking photographers.  Their shots are incredible, and they take millions of images.  A lot of fun to pour over.  The link I'm sending you is from a recent misedashi in Gion Kobu. <3

Gottuan's Room Blog
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Following Maiko and Geiko Online
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