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 Eternal Maiko 3rd Birthday!

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Eternal Maiko
Eternal Maiko

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Eternal Maiko 3rd Birthday! Empty
PostSubject: Eternal Maiko 3rd Birthday!   Eternal Maiko 3rd Birthday! Icon_minitimeFri May 08, 2015 2:38 am

Today, Eternal Maiko completes 3 years of existence! Cake
(and happy International Kimono Day as well!)

For me as Admin, it's been a very interesting experience creating EM. Constructing all the layout, from a very rough design to the beautiful format you see now, and managing everything else it's been a lot of work, but a lot of fun as well!
What I really enjoy the most is the fact that we are a small and friendly community, where everyone is kind and all matters can be discussed without taboo or prejudice(other communities had banned such themes as the one of the western okiyas, geisha henshin and such, which is a shame. I believe in freedom of speech and ideas first and foremost, even when I do not agree with them). In a time in which Facebook and other social networks are ruling, I truly love the fact of having a forum where things can be similar to old times. Call me Old School, but for me it's still better to keep every information in threads!

As community, we've been growing and EM is in need of contributors, so I invite you to help us in the following tasks:

- Pixel artist (to create proper kimono smileys. Ours are just too crazy)

- Genius of the tutorials (to elaborate informative threads about kimono and obi dressing, musubi, and other tips to the posterity)

- Queen/King of the Kimono Selfie (why yes, let us just fill a whole thread with kimono selfies from around the globe!)

- Mr(s) Hikizuri Wikipedia (if you own old odori programs and maiko vintage photos, feel free to share them with us. We want to help most of hikizuri owners to find their treasure: an image of a maiko, geisha or any japanese arts person wearing their piece. It's an hard task, yet not impossible!)

- The Visionary (a person who has nice ideas to promote kimono and kitsuke worldwide, like fun projects such as challenges, contests, or other)

If you think you fit in any of the above, please just contact me, or just post directly in the forum Smile
I kindly thank to each of you who has helped Eternal Maiko grow!

The Admin,

Eternal Maiko 3rd Birthday! IKA Eternal Maiko 3rd Birthday! WKFforumfinale Eternal Maiko 3rd Birthday! WGforumicon Eternal Maiko 3rd Birthday! LKs-1
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Eternal Maiko 3rd Birthday!
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