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Eternal Maiko
Eternal Maiko

Female Location : Europe

PostSubject: CONTEST RULES & GUIDELINES   Sat Jul 06, 2013 10:11 pm

Kimono Fashion Contests

Bellow are the kimono contest rules, and you must follow them if you want to participate.
Breaking any of the rules may get your entry invalid.
There are also some guidelines to help you, and if you have any questions, please feel free to PM me!


- Please do not send us photos you don't own and/or whose person in the photo is not you (this means, photos taken from the web, other sites and images that were not taken by you, or which you don't possess permission from the photographer to share)

- Be respectful to other members
(offending, bullying, bashing, racism, or any other kind of violence is strictly forbidden. A member who disrespects this rule will get banned forever from the page.)

- Only two photos per person
(Front and back of the kitsuke. Choose your best!)

- *No mirror photos. (They prevent us from seeing the entire kitsuke and thus the kitsuke will be hard to judge appropriately.)

- *No small photos. (Again, we are unable to judge a kitsuke fully if you send us a photo 200x300.)

- *No cropped photos (We cannot judge properly a kitsuke if we only see a small part of it)

- Entries must be sent to us within the time frame stated

- **Always describe your country and city

* Note: If for some reason(not having a proper camera, or being alone, etc) you can only send us a mirror/small/cropped photo, let us know so we can understand and open an exception.

** Note: It's not mandatory to tell your city, if for safety reasons you want to keep it private.

> IMPORTANT: Photo content <

- Your photo must be related to the contest theme
- The photo must be only of you or a person you dressed (no other persons or animals, unless stated so in the contest theme)
- No cosplay photos
- The kimono you'll be wearing must be a genuine japanese piece, or at least have the exact same cut
- Photos where kimonos are been worn open wide, or opened much in the chest and legs areas will not be accepted(Etiquette, please!)


- Photos can be sent to us by Facebook private message, Forum PM or by email.
(Please do not post the photos in our facebook wall)

- The title of the email/message should contain "Kimono Fashion Contest" and the number or theme of the current contest (example: "Kimono Fashion Contest #1" or " Kimono Fashion Contest - Spring")

- Both women and men are allowed to participate (Children can participate too, in contests reserved just for them!)

- If you want to be updated about everything going on, please stay tunned to our facebook page.

That being said, have fun!



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Eternal Maiko
Eternal Maiko

Female Location : Europe

PostSubject: Re: CONTEST RULES & GUIDELINES   Fri Mar 21, 2014 11:07 pm

Tutorial Contests

Tutorial contests consist in kitsuke tutorials made by the participants in video format. These tutorials are always helpful, specially to newbies in the kimono world, and we will be adding them to our page.
The main goal of the Tutorial Contests is to make our members to train their kitsuke abilities, and, to see which one can make a good tutorial that is also easier for everyone to understand.

This is what we expect when seeing a kitsuke tutorial:

- It must be easy to understand (both to newbies and oldbies!)
- It must teach correctly how to dress properly a kimono or obi

How will we evaluate each tutorial:

1. How easy it is to understand and to learn from it

2. Quality of the tutorial (ex: image/video quality, background, the participant's way of explaining)

3. Quality of the kitsuke coordination presented in the video


- Be respectful to other members

- The video presented to the contest must not contain any kind of self-promotion, comercial purposes, nudity or any content that may offend or discriminate other people

- Do not send us videos that are not made by you, and that you don't have permission to share

- Only one video per contest is allowed (choose your best!)

- No videos with the image flipped (this can happen when you make your video with a cellphone camera. Please be sure to fix this problem before sending to us)

- The video can contain 1 to 2 persons (kitsuke tutor and helper)


- The videos must be sent to us only by email or private message(facebook or forum).

- The email must also contain your name(or nickname) and your country.

- In your video tutorial, you are free to just show how to dress a kimono/obi, or you can also describe how to do the several steps, it's up to you. This description can be made by voice or by writing.

- In your video tutorial, you can choose to protect your identity. You don't have to show your face if you don't wish to.

"What happens if my video wins?"
If your video tutorial is the winner, it will be the one we will upload in our page so everyone can see and learn from it.  Smile 


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